Woo...New Home...and shiny new kit!

A new site and home for the Jam!

By the time you have read this the Jam will be settling down with all the new shiny kit that was delivered by reindeer over the festive break.

The big box that appeared contained lots of new Raspberry Pi 3's along with a collection of Pibrella, Sense-Hats and Explorer Hats. Also at the bottom we found some Pi-top CEED monitors all nicely wrapped up!

Also plans are afoot for the Jam to have a more stable home.
Hopefully we will be moving into the Teenage and Young Adults room. This should mean the end of our travels around the library and no longer being hidden away in the meeting room. This room has plenty of power sockets, stable WiFi and lots of comics!

Woo...New Home...and shiny new kit!
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