Resources to help your digital exploration


  • Huddersfield Raspberry Jam

    Meets at the main Library monthly on a Saturday.

    Tweets as @huddsraspjam

  • Leeds Raspberry Jam

    Meets on the first Wedensday evening at Swallow Hill Community College in Leeds.

    Tweets as @leedsraspjam

  • Manchester Raspberry Jam

    One of the first in the country. Meets monthly on a Saturday and has nice pizza for lunch!

    Tweets as @McrRaspJam

  • Preston Raspberry Jam

    Meets on the first Monday of the month at the Universtiy of Lancaster.

    Tweets as @PrestonRJam

  • Blackpool Raspberry Jam

    Meets monthly on a Saturday at Palatine Library in Blackpool

    Tweets as @bplraspjam


Raspberry Pi

  • Pi Resources

    Vast collection of worksheets and tutorials...whislt mainly Pi orientated there is still enough inspire for projects with other kit

  • MagPi magazine

    Home of the Magpi magazine. The magazine started life as a community effort which eventually be came the official magazine. Its packed full of Raspberry Pi stuff and is well worth a read.

    As a bonus all the back issues can be found here for free downloads.

  • Pi Community

    Whats happening in the community.


The online home of the micro:bit.

Full of ideas and inspiration for projects to make the little board do awesome stuff.

You can also find the virtual micro:bit here as well ready to be played with within the browser


  • A nice little bug shaped board to get you coding. Grab one...connect it via USB and create some ace code in the browser.


  • The home of the UK branch of CodeClub...lots of ready made worksheets to be used to spread the skills of coding.


  • Website that allows you to code with in the browser and see the results instantly.


  • In one sense the grandparent of the previous boards. Not as simple to code on as the micro:bit or codebug but once mastered it can be used for allsorts of different things.

Tech Will Save Us

  • The make part of this site is full of wacky and cool ideas to make things from stuff thats probably within a few meters of you.


  • Excellent site to learn the basics of coding and using different software technologies all from the comfort of your own computer.


The following, in no particular order, are purveyors of fine maker related wares:

It's also worth noting that its fine to use ebay or similar to acquire supplies but it's probably worth waiting until some experience has been built up so the correct parts are ordered.

Also keep an eye out for items in local shops...sometimes you can get some good stuff to hack into something even better!